New year, new marketing: How to market your North West commercial property scheme in 2018


north west commercial property scheme

We’re not quite sure how, but we’re coming towards the end of 2017. This only means one thing – it’s time to make sure your marketing plans for 2018 are signed off and ready to be implemented.

If you have a North West commercial property scheme that needs to up the lettings’ strategy and get more tenants signing on the dotted line, you need to link your lettings’ strategy up to your marketing strategy.

Here are some of our top ideas to get your commercial property scheme the attention it deserves in the new year.

Prepare a calendar of events

The North West is a region that never sleeps.

No matter what stage we are in the year, you can guarantee there’s a region-wide, nation-wide, or even international event that’s prevalent to the North West that you could partner with. This would give your scheme the attention it needs, and importantly, deserves.

Take MIPIM 2018 for example. Budget-permitting, it would be hugely beneficial for you to sponsor the event. Not only is MIPIM hugely respected in every region of the UK – giving your scheme a certain gravitas – it’s also filled with businesses from across the UK who could be potential tenants.

Collate a calendar with all upcoming business and social events throughout the year and decide which ones you could achieve most business through. This will give you:

  • A clear scope of budget
  • A clear idea of where your potential business lies
  • A definitive way to ensure, at the very least, a huge amount of brand awareness and place-making within your region

Know what your potential tenants want

What is your USP?

Your commercial property scheme needs something that will not only attract new tenants, but make their working lives easier. Whether it’s a whole new dining concept in the cafeteria or state-of-the-art digital facilities that will drive forth a tenant’s ability for growth.

We’re looking at 2018 here – tenants will be expecting more than just four walls and a ceiling. Once you’ve decided what your USP is, you need to market it. You can use traditional media, sponsorship deals, or paid advertising. Let’s take a look at how paid advertising can help market your scheme.

Invest in paid social advertising

Paid advertising isn’t just a huge trend, it’s a necessity for all businesses in 2018. In the US, social media ad spending is likely to exceed $35 billion in 2017 – an increase of $13bn in just two years. And that’s not just from B2C companies.

B2B organisations need to utilise paid social advertising more than ever to reach their target audience. You may be doing business with other businesses, but every decision maker that you need to sell your scheme into will have their own social profile, and you’ll be able to directly target them using paid social advertising.

By utilising social media advertising, you can push your commercial property scheme’s USPs, create a bespoke target audience of high earners and business owners within your region, and get your scheme onto the social media feeds of every person that ticks those boxes.

For more information on how to make this work, contact Roland Dransfield here.

And that’s it!

The new year is snapping at our heels, so make sure you know exactly how to market your north west property scheme in 2018 before time runs out.

If you want to explore this a little bit further, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield to find out how we can support your social media efforts.

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