Never has so much been written by so few about so little….

I am sure there aren’t many business people out there who were lucky enough to miss the Budget coverage last month but just in case there are a few stragglers below is a link to the Government’s own summary of what the Budget said about Business Rates.

The content has already been picked over by the media and businesses alike, but it was a short line in the introduction that caught my eye – this is the EIGHTH business rates information letter to be issued by the Department for Communities and Local Government this year – eighth!

I clicked on the link and surely enough there were 8 updates all listed, covering everything from the Spring Budget to rural rate relief, through to one that I have to label a misnomer – “Better billing and digitalisation measures”. I went into this one out of curiosity and was greeted with 3 paragraphs that really captured the Government’s dithering when it comes to business rates. I won’t spoil the surprise, you can read for yourself here but I can summarise in three words, or one per paragraph – promise, recant, waffle.

The Budget summary is here.

The previous missives and all eight letters from the DCLG can be found here.

Never has so much been written by so few about so little…. 

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