Is this love?

It’s no wonder Valentine’s day gets a bad rep. It’s the season of dodgy romcoms, soppy love songs and getting packed into a small restaurant like a love-addled sardine. But for all its flaws, Valentine’s Day gives us an opportunity to make meaningful gestures that can make someone’s day.

In this new world of pandemics and lockdowns, thoughtful gestures can go a long way, both for those around you and for your clients.

What we talk about when we talk about love

Greek Words For Love

We Brits seem to have an aversion to talking about love. Perhaps it’s a hangover from the days of the British stiff upper lip. Whatever the reason, love brings power.

And that power isn’t limited to your personal life.

Love comes in many forms

You might be thinking love is something that doesn’t have a place in the workplace. After all, Marquez wrote about love in the time of Cholera, not love in the time of the malfunctioning photocopier. This misses the point slightly. Love isn’t just the playground of songwriters and Nobel laureates, it has many meanings and applications. So many in fact that the Ancient Greeks had seven words for it.

Not to pick a fight with the logic of the ancient Greeks, but I think you can also add love for one’s work to that list. When it comes to our business, that is one of biggest driving factors of reaching our goals and providing top results for our clients.

“Love is to business what grapes are to wine” – Alan Wick, business coach

When it comes to business, loving what you do goes a long way. According to entrepreneur, Alan Wick, one of the most important aspects of running a successful business is love. When you truly love what you do, when you care about every aspect of your business, that translates into growth, innovation and happier clients.

For those of us lucky enough to love what we do, it shines through in everything, and no one benefits more from that than our clients. When you’re obsessed with what you do, when you’re constantly in pursuit of excellence and innovation, when you take pride in the work you provide to your clients, you’re on to a winner.

This is how we think about our work here at Luma. Love for what we do is that starting point for everything good that comes out of our agency, the ripe fruit from which we extract a fine chianti, the marble from which we sculpt our David.

And it’s how we help our clients, too. After, no-one starts an architectural practice, a law firm or a construction firm because they want to build a website or write social media posts. We help our clients to focus on their passions.

This Valentine’s Day, as well as the choccies and the flowers for your nearest and dearest, think about how love can make a difference to the work you provide to your clients. I can’t guarantee it will make those soppy love songs any more bearable though.


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