Great content that makes your brand dance

You’re probably no stranger to the importance of investing in your marketing. In a world where brand perception is everything, marketing is how you present yourself and influence your audiences’ perception of you. 

But the term ‘marketing’ is a broad one that covers every facet of your business from advertising and social media to your website and the behaviour of your employees. Content marketing is one of the most important components that make your hardworking marketing system tick. 

What is content marketing?

As humans, we know our nervous system is responsible for our actions and senses. But we also know this system is nothing without its composite parts. Where would we be without the brain serving as a control centre, the spinal cord as a highway for communication, and nerves spanning the length and breadth of our bodies to pass along essential messages? Without each of these, the nervous system couldn’t do its job.

This same idea applies here. Without content marketing, your nervous system has no messages to pass on. It’s how you bring your brand to life and make it dance.

Content marketing involves carefully and strategically creating and distributing content to engage with your audiences – clients, investors, employees, referrers and advocates – and bring them closer to your heart. It’s about adding value and positioning your brand in the right way. You show yourself as a valuable, trusted, and reliable business to work with (but don’t forget that good call to action).

The content you produce underlies every aspect of your marketing activity. It’s an essential component, not a separate entity. After all, what’s your social media without powerful content? How about your website where clients find you? Or the stories you share with the press?

What should it be?

Above all else, your content marketing needs to be valuable, consistent, and relevant.

Content marketing isn’t about directly selling your services. That’s what your sales team is for. Instead, it’s about adding value to your audience and solving their issues. It’s about becoming a reliable source of valuable information that helps your audience. Before the sales team gets involved.

An effective content marketing strategy is all about momentum. It’s about consistently being there for your audience and being a constant source of insight and guidance. Posting once and then leaving it for months on end will never encourage the engagement you want to see.

And finally, your content needs to be relevant. The content you produce shouldn’t be what you want to say or what you think people want to hear. It should be what your audience actually wants to hear. Take yourself and your business out of the picture altogether, focusing only on the people you’re hoping to reach.

You get what you pay for

There’s no getting around the fact that great content marketing is an investment. 65% of businesses struggle to create engaging content and most battle with consistency. And this is because committing to content marketing takes time and resources. But nothing good comes easy. And think of all you’re expecting this content to do for you and your business. 

We have great copywriters in our team who help to turn our clients’ thoughts, work and ideas into engaging pieces for social media, PR and – of course – their websites. Don’t assume that knowing about a subject makes you a great writer too.

“It’s always worth investing in original content that’s genuinely valuable and effective. Once you get it right, you’ll soon see the return on investment.”

Make it once, use it often

Once you’ve made something, it’s yours to do whatever you want with. Get creative and think outside the box. There’s no end to the ways you can adapt and shape a piece for your different marketing channels. Turn a blog into a series of social media posts, or strip it down into an infographic. The possibilities are endless with a little creativity. 

Too often, we talk about marketing as a general, all-encompassing tool for business growth. But there’s so much more under the skin. Within every great business, there are a lot of smaller systems and organs working together. And it’s when we start focusing more on these smaller, yet essential, components hat we start to see the real results.

Do you want some help to create brilliant content marketing that makes your brand dance? Give us a call.

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