Giving back…with impact

Yes folks, the C word. Christmas. Whatever you’re doing to mark the end of 2020, we guarantee it’s not the same thing you did last year.

What’s in a gift?

You’ve made your decision on how to mark the end of the year: e-cards, digital gifts, online parties. Or not. But thoughts are also turning to how we can give back in the wider sense.

Everyone has had a tough time this year – and it’s not over yet. It is essential that you thank those people who have been there for you, stuck with you, given advice and kept you moving this year. Not just your clients but also your colleagues, collaborators, suppliers and your informal support network.

But more than that. For those who are fortunate enough to still be employed, to have profitable businesses and a stable income, now is the moment to acknowledge your privilege and share your fortune.

Here are some ways to give back.

Join a One GM United We Stream party. Dance with your friends, family or colleagues. Be together while apart and support the vulnerable in the Manchester city region. The events aren’t online yet, but will be on here shortly.

Not having a Christmas party at all? Give your drinks budget to the Xmas Party Heroes instead and they’ll share it with a charity of your choice.

Still planning to send gifts? Check out Shelter’s shop. At a minimum, please, please support local and small businesses. They’ve never needed your spend more.

Bruntwood is doing its brilliant Wishing Tree campaign again, but online this year. In Manchester, they are supporting HideOut and Manchester Youth Zone, responding to the wishes of children and young people in Harpurhey, one of the UK’s most deprived areas. They are also giving to groups in Birmingham, Liverpool and Leeds.

The foodbanks are struggling to meet demand. You can find your local foodbank here.

And if you’ve been supporting a charity this year – many of us have given our support to The Lighthouse Club in recognition of the toll that 2020 in particular has taken on mental health – please remember them now.

Giving back is not just for Christmas

Luma’s pro-bono client this year is Women into Construction, a charity that provides training and coaching to women looking to work in construction, and helps contractors to recruit and mentor those women. Promoting gender equality and reducing the skills gap. What’s not to like?

Women into Construction has lost a lot of its regular funding this year, at a time when employment and construction skills have never been needed more.  Diversity really matters.

We are supporting WiC in delivering a virtual event next week, about building resilience into your supply chain. You can find out how some of the UK’s most successful construction firms are embedding diversity and inclusion into their supply chain to ensure a stronger future.

Sign up here

Most importantly, whatever you choose to do in these next few weeks, send a message of hope for next year.

And if you know of other ways people can share their Christmas joy with others, comment below.

How are you sharing your fortune with those less fortunate?


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