Four fun video ideas to market your residential scheme


video ideas to market your residential scheme

If there are two things we can be certain of in 2017, it’s that we’re never going to be short of a new residential scheme in the city, and people still REALLY love video content.

If you’re developing a new residential scheme, you’re going to want to stand out from all the competitor noise. All developers are likely to have online and media presences, so it’s up to you to make sure yours is the most exciting!

Considering video is one of the hottest properties of 2017 (pardon the pun), here are some fun video ideas to market your residential scheme.

Day in the life

A Day in the Life video is a sure-fire way to give potential new residents the best idea of what it would be like to live in your apartments.

From waking up and having some freshly brewed coffee, to taking your dog for a walk in the city that’s right on your doorstep and stopping off for a drink in your trendy local bar, there’s going to be something that catches the eye of a buyer.

You can ask your current residents if they want to be in it to give the video a genuine feel, or hire an actor for that stamp of professionalism – it’s entirely up to you. These videos can be done using hand held cameras or go pros that cost about £150!

Check out our recent blog on how to create content in 2017 for more information on video equipment and costs!

Windmill Green, albeit a commercial development in Manchester, made a simple yet effective video of what your commute would be like if you worked in their building. Check it out!

Tour of the building

If you have a residential scheme, people will be coming in for viewings – it’s the natural progression. However, some people won’t be able to book the time off work for a viewing so you’re going to want to cater to them.

To ensure you don’t miss these potential interested parties, you should release a video tour.

By taking people through each part of the building, from the reception area and lounge to the apartments, bedrooms and maybe even balconies, people will get a real feel of your scheme without having to leave their house.

This means you’ll have double the chance of getting new leads – through video tours and physical tours!

Take a look at the virtual tour video shot for The Slate Yard in Manchester!

Highlight your USPs

video ideas to market your residential scheme

What makes your residential scheme special? It’s so important to have some key USPs that you can push out on social media, sell into journalists and highlight in these videos. Maybe you have an open pet policy, or you’re the only residential scheme in the city with a roof terrace? Choose your main USPs and create a fun video to showcase them!

For example, if you’re the only pet-friendly accommodation in the city, you could do a Day in the Life, but for your pup! Imagine this:

  • You pour some dog food into a bowl in your apartment
  • The dog bounds across the apartment happily
  • You take the dog for a walk around the city
  • You pop into your favourite pet-friendly café
  • Your dog meets some new doggy friends
  • You arrive back to your apartment and relax on the sofa with your best furry friend

You can guarantee that animal lovers would be sharing your video online for weeks to come!

That’s just a quick video idea for a pet-friendly USP. If you need help with other video ideas, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield and we’ll be able to help!

Interview with residents

At the end of the day, you can’t really beat a genuine, one on one interview. Find a resident that has already settled in and ask them to take part in a casual interview about what they love most about your scheme.

Questions to ask to ensure all the key points are covered include:

  • Why our scheme as opposed to another in the city?
  • Was our pet policy/free gym/other USP a deciding factor?
  • What do you think of the location?
  • Do you find our scheme to be sociable?
  • Do you think you made the right choice to move in?

Just find somewhere nice to carry out the interview (maybe a local bar or café?), set up a camera and have a natural, comfortable conversation!

Note: only ask these questions if you know you’re going to get a positive answer! You have to make sure your scheme is resident-centric before any residents move in.

And that’s it!

Those are just some quick video ideas to market your residential scheme online. It’s important to stand out, and fun video ideas are a fail-safe way to make that happen!

If you want to explore this a little bit further, get in touch with us at Roland Dransfield to find out how we can help you. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay up-to-date on all things PR and marketing.

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