Five ways good connectivity can improve your quality of life


It may sound overdramatic but having a good internet connection can massively improve your quality of life. When I say this, I am not referring to spending hours scrolling through TikTok (though I might argue that TikTok does improve my life), I am talking about being connected as a whole.

Whilst one can argue that life is happier and simpler without the internet, we cannot ignore the fact that everything around us is becoming digitalized – whether we like it or not. As such, we are transitioning into this digital age and those who are not adapting are being left behind and suffering the consequences.

1. More connected to family and friends

It feels like a broken record, but this last year has shown us how fortunate we are to have the internet. Having these connections has allowed us to continue being sociable and stay in contact with our loved ones, reaping many mental health benefits. Inconsistent and poor connectivity can hinder these important relationships and cause frustration.

2. Health

Another benefit of good internet is the ability to continue medical services, without leaving the house. In the past year, we have seen a shift to virtual GP appointments, as well as online prescriptions. This has allowed vulnerable people to stay safe at home whilst getting the medical help that they need. Equally, it has also reduced the spread of Covid-19 as people are making less trips to the pharmacy and GP surgeries. In this instance, having a good internet connection is critical so that professionals can do their jobs, and people can get the help they need.

3. Stay active

Like many others, I have been converted to being a home-gymer. I realised that I prefer exercising in the comfort of my own home, not to mention the amount of time and money that it saves. With good internet access, I can tune into workouts and stay fit, therefore, improving my physical and mental health, and my overall quality of life.

4. Save time

As proven in all the points above, a definite advantage of having fast internet speeds is saving time. This time saved can be spent on other things, such as being more productive, spending quality time with family, or literally just resting and doing nothing. With ClearFibre’s base speed of 250Mbps, the time it takes to download a film is 441% faster than the national average of 46.2Mbps.

5. Less stress

Leading on from the previous point, having more time to do what you want, means less stress. Less stress, equals a better quality of life.

Sadly, as we in the UK are still one of the worst connected countries in Europe, not everyone can benefit from the points above as their connection is too poor.

Therefore, it is our mission at ClearFibre to give everyone ‘Perfect Home Internet’, as we build our gigabit-capable and full fibre network across the nation, providing ultrafast and symmetrical speeds to every resident in the UK.

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