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These are unsettling times. We find ourselves working remotely, from home, distanced from our usual habits and networks. Not so unusual for the Luma team, but we are definitely feeling the lack of the usual way of doing things.

This is not an article about working from home.

Over the last few weeks, we have recast plans for every single client, helping them adapt to a new world. Our priority has been, firstly, to keep the marketing alive and appropriate in tricky circumstances. And secondly, crafting communications that can be created by people working at home. This has changed how we gather content for articles, video and graphics as well as people’s approach to social media.

This is a message about marketing from home.

We are working closely with our team, with our suppliers and with our clients to keep the content coming using the resources that we have around us.  And it’s a learning curve for many.

The world has shifted online and the need to keep communicating has never been greater.

Here’s what you need to know.

Writing well

It’s likely that you find yourself writing your own blogs and articles for the first time. Crafting a passable, professionally written piece starts with content. There’s what you want to say… and then there’s what the reader wants to hear. Rarely the same thing. Structure is important too – writing for the web is very different from writing a report or an email. Grammar, tone, call to action, key words to push those emotional buttons…

Videoing well

You’ll have spotted it too – people creating video content at home. Whether it’s a talking head, an animation or a peek into a home office, you can really spot the content that’s had a professional touch and the content that should have.

Creating passable video content doesn’t always need a full camera team with all the kit.  With a few basic items and a carefully chosen backdrop, you can give your videocast a far more professional feel by thinking about lighting, context and pace. And subtitles are essential – over 80% of videos are watched with the sound off.

Photographing well


The latest in fashionable work wear

Yes, our environments are different. High heels and make-up and cool break out spaces have been swapped for slippers, gym kit and the kitchen table. But professional-looking photography is still needed.

Subject matter, lighting, context and resolution are all key. A tripod and a bluetooth controller can make all the difference.

And please, no more photos of video calls. It’s never flattering and you’re probably sharing sensitive information without consent.

Publishing well

All the great content in the world will achieve nothing if nobody sees it. In property and professional services, LinkedIn is your best friend. But how can you cut through the clutter to make sure that people engage with the video that you’ve made to support your ground-breaking piece of thought leadership illustrated with gorgeous photos?

It’s about an attention-grabbing headline, a couple of powerful hashtags… and timing, timing, timing. But mostly it’s about those first few engagements. Ask your friends and colleagues to help initiate the conversation. After that, good quality content will earn its place.

You can do it.

Our team, our suppliers, our clients and our close contacts are coming together online over the next few weeks to get some insight into how the professionals do it well and how we can all do it better using the resources we have around us. No film crew required.

“Business as usual” has become “business unusual” and we are here to help you adapt.

Get in touch if you want to know how to DIY.

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