Building a community doesn’t happen overnight


Human beings are very much social animals. That’s why community is so important to us. It provides a familiar thread between us and others, building common ground and a sense of belonging. We’re biologically programmed to want to stick together in tribes. And while this is no longer a matter of life or death, the support and connection of others has remained an essential component of our lives. 

But building a community doesn’t just happen because you want it to. It takes ongoing time and effort to build long-term. That’s true whether you’re talking about your local area, a co-working space, or growing your presence online. 

Community engagement 

We all know how important a community manager is to a co-working space. After all, what would a co-working space be without its sense of community? The whole reason people sign up is to feel part of something bigger. And it’s the community manager’s job to encourage community engagement and make sure everyone’s heard, their needs met, and issues addressed. 

It’s the same as the person convening a round table or chairing an event. They’re there to unite the audience towards one common goal – a sense of connection and community. 

This should be reflected in your brand, too. Just like a community manager constantly nurtures their co-working space’s community, you should be consciously nurturing your community of staff and clients. You should be establishing connection and encouraging engagement regularly. 

And this is important now more than everThe pandemic has heightened our desire for human interaction. With so much isolation and separation, keeping active in our communities has become an oasis in an otherwise barren landscape 

Building a community around your brand 

When it comes to building a community around your brand, it’s best to start with your team. Build a strong foundation of shared values and beliefs and let that radiate out to clients and wider audiences.  

Ask yourself how you can set the tone and manage the mood of your offices. How can you shape internal communications to reflect the common ground that exists between your business and all its people? How do you create a great customer experience for existing customers that reflects your business values and puts your clients at the centre? 

Growing your online community 

With online audiences, it isn’t enough to simply release content. One-way communications don’t instantly generate a feeling of community. 77% of consumers buy from brands that share their values. They want human brands and they want to feel like they’re talking to people, not emotionless entities that only want to squeeze money out of them. They’re hungry for a sense of connection and an authentic relationship where they feel valued and seen.  

At a time where people are craving connection, it’s up to us to do most of the heavy lifting. Start thinking about the people you want to engage with – both internally and externally.  

Authentic relationships take time to build. And to build a community around your brand, you need to be generating valuable content and making an ongoing commitment to connecting with your people. It’s about moving past seeing people as profits and your staff as just another number. Instead, it’s about prioritising human interaction and authentic engagement above all else. 

If you want to establish a sense of community around your brand, give Luma a call. We’d love to speak with you. 


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