Back to work

As we start to emerge from lockdown, is your business ready to communicate with this fresh new world?

Your brand

You’ve been doing some thinking over the last couple of months – it’s time to turn those ideas into something real.

Did your values stand up to the test?

Does your mission statement still apply in this altered reality?

Which sections of your website received the most traffic or engagement – is it time for a refresh? Check the words and tone on your main pages for assumptions and confidence that are inappropriate now.

Your clients

You’re not the only one who’s been doing some thinking. Are your clients’ businesses still the same? Do they have new goals and objectives or a slightly altered positioning that will affect their choice of partners and suppliers?

The spaces you have worked on recently will all be adapted for social distancing in the next few months – be on the front foot and help your clients adapt.

Your database definitely needs an update. Many folk have moved on or changed role. Pick up the phone and find out. Get an email out and see what bounces back.

Your communications

It’s time to lose the “we’re working from home” messages. Of course you are – it’s normal now. And the return to the office (in whatever format) should be equally seamless.

But this isn’t just about marketing. You will need to communicate with your staff about the new working arrangements. The experience of visiting your place of work should be a welcoming one – beware the medical danger notices.

Keep it positive, empathetic and clear.

And remember – not everyone is bouncing back to work with joy and enthusiasm. Some have experienced (and are still experiencing) real trauma over the last few months.

Communication is a two-way street. Listening is as important as broadcasting. Please be kind.

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