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Best of the North West Series

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Throughout December, Place North West published views from property professionals in the industry on the best buildings completed between 2000 and 2019, highlighting the design and development successes of the past 20 years.

Chips, New Islington

Chips BuildingIn the first entry of the series, James Bruce of Civic Engineers, spoke about the Chips building in New Islington, which was designed by renowned British architect Will Alsop of Alsop Architects, and completed in 2009. Read more







Liverpool ONE

Liverpool ONE South John Street

Liverpool ONE’s ties to parent, soldier, developer and philantrhopist Gerald Grosvenor, the late Duke of Westminster, led to his development of the site according to Peter Hynd, chairman of Promenade Estates and Ion Development. Read more







Altrincham Market Hall

Altrincham Market

Thomas Pearson of JMW Solicitors wrote that the development of a single building led to the revitalisation of Altrincham, and that it is now one of the North West’s biggest town centre success stories. Read more






The Hive, Manchester

The first new office building in the Northern Quarter in decades, The Hive, was a game-changer on so many levels, said David Porter of Knight Frank. 









Gillian Harrison 624x450As Lancaster grows, maintaining its unique identity will become more crucial than ever, writes Gillian Harrison of Levitt Bernstein. Read more









Kevin Whitmore 290x219Growing up in Oldham in the 1980s and 1990s was a picture of decline, writes Kevin Whitmore of BECG. But look more closely and you can now see a town with a determination to make sure its best days are ahead. Read more







John Bridge 290x193Preston’s momentum mustn’t stop at making its public realm look good: an innovative city-living strategy could be the key to its continued success, writes John Bridge of architect studio John Bridge. Read more






Christine Winstanley 290x288Padiham’s opportunity to reinvent itself lies with not just the town’s community but with the public sector too, writes Christine Winstanley of Eric Wright Health & Care. Read more









Neil Higson 290x232Salford has all the ingredients to emerge from Manchester’s shadow to be a world-leading city in its own right, writes Neil Higson of Wildbrook CRE. So what’s stopping it? Read more






Tim Kenney 281x400The private sector needs a united voice otherwise opportunities to shape the future of Chester could be missed, writes Tim Kenney of Kenneymoore. Read more









Ged Couser 290x193Poorly-connected public realm has let Farnworth down in the past, writes Ged Couser of BDP, but that could be about to change. Read more







Paul Chaterjee 290x349Carlisle offers a high standard of living, but could benefit from better connectivity, writes Paul Chatterjee of DB Symmetry. Can the reopening of the city’s airport be the lifeline it needs? Read more









Daniel Lee 290x319Altrincham might be the poster-child of how to make a high street successful, but it can’t rest on its laurels, writes Daniel Lee of Regional Property Solutions. Read more








North Liverpool

Pnw 1431080183 Shelagh McNerney 290x290North Liverpool could be something special, writes Shelagh McNerney. It’s time for the city to start looking to the future instead of attempting to restore the past. Read more









Tom Hargreaves 629x419There’s more to Wigan than just pie shops: reinvigorating the high street and driving the night-time economy will need to be the catalyst to get wider development under way, writes Tom Hargreaves of Anderton Gables. Read more









Pete Swift 290x201Frodsham shouldn’t be okay with just being okay: let’s start with making something special out of the Goods Shed, write Pete Swift of Planit-IE and Nicky Hughes of Active Profile. Read more







Liv Parr 290x193Blackpool has been burdened with a negative reputation but the town is far more than the sum of its parts, writes Liv Parr of Hawkins\Brown. Read more







Frank Heald 267x400Like many of Britain’s seaside towns, Fleetwood has struggled to revive its former glory, but the town’s residents have genuine hope there are better times ahead, writes Frank Heald of Wyre Dock Development. Read more









Emma Dickson 290x193The arrival of a coherent regeneration framework and a raft of exciting independent retailers indicates that Stockport is a town on the up, writes Emma Dickson of Turley. Read more






Kevin Horton 290x193On paper, Southport should be doing better: taking a leaf out of Lytham’s book and giving the town a focus on health and wellbeing could be one way to do it, writes Kevin Horton of K2 Architects. Read more






Paul Jones 290x193Being the next big thing can be a curse as well as a blessing, so how do places like Monton maintain their identity as they become more popular, writes Paul Jones of Capital & Centric. Read more






Neal Allen Burt 290x290Sandbach was built on its railway heritage but the town needs to look to its market to secure its future, writes Neal Allen-Burt of Sheppard Robson. Read more









Esme Roberts 290x211Positive change in places like Lower Broughton and Swinton needs to be maintained for Salford to shake off its historic reputation, writes Esme Roberts of Newgate Communications. Read more






John Barton 290x290Rochdale’s thriving business parks have helped bring cash, confidence and speciality coffee to its historic town centre, but the momentum can’t be lost, writes John Barton of BC Real Estate. Read more









Steve Slater 290x315Hale, Bowdon and Altrincham are hotspots for prime residential development but developers need to be wary of pricing people out of the area, writes Steve Slater of Real Estate Investment Partnerships. Read more








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