Smart Cities: The potential of intelligent infrastructure

Organiser: Constructing Excellence Manchester
Location: Trowers & Hamlins, 55 Princess Street, Manchester, M2 4EW
Phone: 07734 129 862

Digitalization is changing our world. Today the number of connected devices has surpassed the number of humans on the planet. These intelligent devices generate massive amounts of data, transforming life and business across all sectors. However, much infrastructure has yet to be transformed by the information age. Instead, in most places, trains, power systems, buildings, buses, and roads have hardly changed in nature and we have only just begun to unlock the potential of fully digitized, electrified, information-enabled, intelligent infrastructure. Doing so will be key to meeting the world’s present and future sustainable development challenges.

With a preface by Professor Hisham Elkadi, Dean and Chair of Architecture at the University of Salford, Elaine Trimble of Siemens will introduce us to the Smart City and how this will enable us to respond to the challenge of constant change in our urban environment and how digital technological solutions across all infrastructure domains will make cities more efficient, sustainable and resilient.Fee.  £10.  Free to Members of Constructing Excellence Manchester

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