RIBA: Essentials of urban design in planning | Manchester

Date: - 16:00
Organiser: RIBA
Location: DWF LLP, 1 Scott Place, 2 Hardman Street, Manchester M3 3AA

Good planning is indivisible from good design; that is what the National Planning Policy Framework tells us, and the old PPS1 also mentioned something similar. However, with planning often seen to be all about rules, regulations and processes, and design being about inspiration, creativity and imagination, can the two work together? Yes of course, and they must, as without design planning is just a numbers game, and without planning urban design is an ephemeral concept.

This seminar will explain how, why and when urban design is considered within the planning system. It will run through the main principles of good design set out in national policy and guidance and discuss how these translate down to individual plans and schemes.

The session will cover:

  • The principles of good design
  • How aspects of form are considered by planners
  • The plan making process and how policies can influence the structure, form and character of places
  • Design Review, Building for Life 12 and the assessment of planning applications
  • The relationship between conditions, legal agreements, enforcement and the continuity of design quality form permission to completion

Those attending will get an insight into reasons behind what planners do and say, their priorities, responsibilities and thereby how to best negotiate and communicate with them.

Speaker: Katherine Donaghy, Urban Design London

Katherine is an urban planner who obtained her Master’s degree in Town and Regional Planning from the University of Sheffield. As a student, she was always interested in organisation and policy. After some brief consulting experience in the Netherlands, France and the UK, she successfully completed an internship at UDL where she currently holds the position of programme officer. Katherine has interests in sociology and urban design, particularly in the public realm. She believes that between these academic fields policy makers, planners and designers can improve the quality of life of inhabitants, on all scales. Katherine is also involved with the International Society of Biourbanism.

Core Curriculum topics: 1. Where people live 2. Designing and building it

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