RIBA Core CPD: Architecture for an ageing population

Organiser: RIBA
Location: Manchester

Manchester | 21 January 2015 | 1.30 – 4pm

Liverpool | 22 January 2015 | 10am – 12.30pm


There is an ageing population in the UK, a population that will increasingly require suitable homes and housing; these are places that should be a 'home for life' that compensate for the impairments of old age in a discreet non-institutional way – impairments of old age that can be physical, cognitive, visual, aural or a combination of these. Good design can resolve the many conflicting issues that influence the architects design, creating a built environment that is of benefit to the people who will live in the completed development and to those who provide the care for them.

This seminar will explore the different types of living accommodation for older people and the myriad of factors that can influence and drive the architectural design solutions, both for new build and works to existing properties. Case studies will provide examples of how architects have addressed and resolved conflicts between the client's aspirations with site constraints, funding and legislation, creating successful places to live in.

During this session, delegates will acquire an understanding of the following:

  • Overview of the older people sector
  • Understanding of the different types of housing and accommodation for older people
  • What factors can influence the design
  • Issues to be considered in the design and detail of design
  • The role of assistive technology
  • Innovation and current and future trends in the sector.

Speaker: Damian Utton, Pozzoni

Damian is an architect and a partner at Pozzoni, who have offices in Manchester and London. With 25 years' experience since professional qualification working in the design of housing and accommodation for older people, Damian now leads a team creating innovative designs within cost and programme constraints. He has written books about designing for people with dementia, writes frequently for the care press and is a regular speaker at national and international conferences on all aspects of designing for older people. Damian is also a Design Associate with the Dementia Services Development Centre, based at the University of Stirling.

Core Curriculum topics: Access for all, Designing and building it, Where people live