RIBA Core CPD: Appointments, Contracts and all you wanted to know about PII

Organiser: RIBA
Location: Boardroom, St James’ Building, 79 Oxford Street, Manchester, M1 6FQ

This presentation will include a comprehensive review of points architects should consider when accepting engagements for clients.

The session will look to cover:

  • The basic points of English law of which every architect should be aware
  • Breach and damages; the principles, the extent of liability in tort and contract
  • What to consider when agreeing contracts.
  • Examples of risks to avoid and how to manage risk when it's accepted or cannot be avoided.

The second part of this presentation will focus on professional indemnity insurance for architects and will cover:

  • How architects can assess the cover they require
  • Does an employer's insurance cover an employee's fault?
  • What happens when an architect uses another architect or his drawings
  • How are architects covered when they provide free work
  • How to deal with calls from clients post completion
  • How can architects cover themselves against bad workmanship and faults which are not their own responsibility?

This event will also take place in Liverpool on 19 March

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