Planning under a new Government

Organiser: Drivers Jonas LLP
Location: 5 New York Street, Manchester M1 4JB
Phone: 0161 247 7303

By invitation

What will a change of Government mean to you and the property industry?

You will have heard a lot recently about emerging policies and ideas from the various political parties but what does all this mean for us in the property sector?

This seminar looks at the proposed changes – not just what they are but how they will impact on what we all do and what the changes mean in the short and medium term.

We work for a whole range of public and private sector clients so have been monitoring how emerging policies will affect:

The planning system;

  • Local/Regional/National Government; and
  • The development industry generally.

This seminar will give you the opportunity to hear the views of our senior representatives in this sector and debate the issues with a selected group of our public and private sector clients and contacts. The seminars will be held at our Leeds and Manchester offices.