Plan: TECH essentials North West

Date: - 16:30
Organiser: RTPI North West
Location: Shoosmiths, XYZ Building, Hardman Sq, Manchester M3 3EB

What is the internet of things?  Are ‘smart’ cities more liveable?  Can we use big data whilst complying with GDPR?  Will AI make planners redundant?  Should I know what blockchain is?

At this day conference, experts from the planning and tech communities will reach beyond the buzzwords and future-gazing to answer these questions.

Technology has implications for planning and land use. It will change our habits and expectations, and the places in which we live our lives. The liveable future city won’t just emerge. It will be shaped by planners using the technology which is now in development, and the data which is beginning to be harnessed. This event will introduce you to the current status of planning technology and the opportunities it already presents to planning practitioners.

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