NWDA Sustainable Buildings Policy: Place Shaping

Organiser: Pat Davies, Centre for Construction Innovation
Location: North West Development Agency, PO Box 37, Renaissance House, Centre Park, W
Phone: 0161 295 5076

NWDA Sustainable Buildings Policy: Awareness Raising and Knowledge Transfer Programme An event looking at policy objective Place Shaping. Place Shaping is about good design. This is concerned not only with the building in isolation, but also about how it affects the surrounding area, addressing issues such as access and public space. The policy objective is in place to ensure that developments consider their wider environment and how the people who live and work in the area relate to the building on a day-to-day basis. To ensure that the most sustainable sites are used for development and that the design process, layout structure and form provide a development that is appropriate to the local context and supports a sustainable community. Expert speakers from a range of organisations will present research findings, information on tools, techniques and show you projects on which they have been applied and resulted in sustainable buildings and environments being produced. This event takes place from 2–5pm