Liverpool Best Practice Club – NEC Programme Workshop

Organiser: Liverpool Best Practice Club
Location: Womens International Centre for Economic Development, 54 St James Street, L

Following the success of our NEC Workshop earlier in 2013, the Liverpool Best Practice Club is pleased to invite you to attend a follow up workshop.

Please note that whilst this will build knowledge of the NEC contract further, it is not a pre-requisite to have attended the first session.

The session will be held at 9:30am until 4:30pm on 24 September 2013.


Our speaker is Glenn Hide from GMH Planning. Glenn was the speaker at our first workshop, with very positive feedback on the content, delivery, and structure of this session.

GMH Planning provides staff NEC3 training, NEC Contract consultancy, programme management, resources and guidance material for those working under the NEC construction contract.

GMH Planning have advised consultants, contractors, and clients on implementing the NEC Form of Contract on a project-by-project and framework basis.

Overview of workshop

Administration of the programme is pivotal to the success of any NEC project. The programme becomes the key management and commercial tool in terms of demonstrating both the detailed plan of executing the works and the effect/entitlement due to change. The workshop reviews the building up of a programme from first principles, before looking in detail at section three of the contract (Time) in terms of what should be in a programme, the acceptance process, revising the programme and potential acceleration. The session then considers how the early warning and compensation event processes should contractually and practically be integrated into the programme to give full understanding and visibility to all parties and to ensure that a regular accepted programme should become reality on a project.

Booking details

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