Legislation affecting the industry

Organiser: Manchester Best Practice Club
Location: CUBE, Manchester, M1 6DW

The Manchester Best Practice Club event aims to cover the topic of legislation affecting the construction industry.

With over 2,700 new employment regulations introduced since 1997 and at least 3 versions of regulations concerned with discipline introduced and then changed or withdrawn; how does the employer uphold discipline without making themselves liable for a claim?

Speaker: Alex Boyd, human resources practitioner, Adams Alexander Associates

Boyd specialises in the field of employment disputes; especially those involving small or medium sized companies where perhaps there is no HR function and where managers can be left exposed to potential claims. Most disputes can be resolved fairly quickly, easily and without the need for expensive legal intrusion.

A professional with over 35 years' experience as manager, senior manager and director level, he has clients in the construction industry that range from companies with five employees to those with over 500.

He states that: "the one size fits all when it comes to employment law does have its problems, but by and large the situation works providing your managers (who in the main, are employees also) have the right knowledge and tools by which to protect themselves and the company."

– How does an employer deal fairly with a disgruntled employer who lodges a grievance?

– Why do employers feel that ACAS is on the side of employees?

– Why has the Government made the employer responsible for those people he hires in from an Agency, surely the Agency will be responsible?

Refreshments will be available during registration.


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