KPMG Property & Construction Seminars – The Green Agenda

Organiser: Alexandra Whittle
Location: KPMG's Manchester Office, St James Square, Manchester
Phone: 0161 246 4285

The carbon impacts and overall sustainability of property development are receiving increasing attention from property developers and occupiers alike. However the complexity and fast moving nature of the climate change debate means that many businesses are failing to recognise the associated risks and business opportunities. With environmental taxes already raising an estimated £30bn each year for the Treasury through such measures as Landfill Tax and the Climate Change Levy, ignoring such issues can be costly in terms of potential lost revenue, higher energy bills and increased tax costs. The rapid pace of introduction of new legislation on topics such as the energy performance of buildings and carbon reduction commitments is only going to make the number of opportunities and potential costs increase. In the latest in our successful series of Property & Construction Seminars we will be looking in detail at the Green Agenda, using a case study to focus on the practical issues faced by developers and occupiers. The seminar will include discussion of the following: – Environmental taxes, such as Climate Change Levy, Landfill Taxes and Aggregates Levy; – Fiscal incentives for sustainable development, such as Contaminated Land Relief and enhanced capital allowances; – Sustainable design, carbon trading and climate change. We will conclude with a summary of key measures in the Pre-Budget Report impacting on the Property & Construction sector.