Hard times for landlords and tenants?

Organiser: Brabners Chaffe Street Solicitors
Location: Horton House Office, Liverpool

A practical seminar focused on property issues currently affecting both landlords and tenants taking place 8.30-9.30am.

The seminar aims to guide you through the relevant issues in a concise and highly practical way. It will cover a number of topical issues, including:

  • Standard Lease terms – what should landlords and tenants now expect and how does the Lease Code help both parties achieve a speedy deal?
  • Short term lettings – can monthly lettings help reignite the property market – and help carry the cost of empty properties?
  • Rent deposits and rent guarantees – how can they help?
  • Varying existing leases to help with a tenant's cash flow – monthly versus quarterly rents – but what's in it for the landlord? Extending the term, changes in rent review terms / frequency and adding guarantors?
  • Business rates – legislation changes regarding empty properties; future occupational costs
  • Valuation – how is your core asset value affected; negotiating out break clauses; fixed uplifts in rents
  • Direct action – forfeiture – how, when and why – what defences are available to tenants
    and what are the benefits and often forgotten consequences, to landlords?
  • Distress for rent and the new commercial rent arrears recovery scheme
  • Insolvent tenants – liability what does it mean and what can you do?
  • Remedies against third parties – sub-tenants; others in possession; assignees and assignors; guarantors
  • Fixtures and chattels left behind – what can you do?
  • Litigation – grounds for possession of commercial premises and money judgements – what should you do? Dilapidations – common law obligations and the cap on damages

Discussions will be tailored to the issues of most interest to the audience. There will be plenty of time to ask questions.

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