Distributed Intelligence in Design Symposium

Organiser: Emma Looskin, Centre for Construction Innovation
Location: Lowry Centre, Salford Quays, Manchester
Phone: 0161 295 5076

Distributed Intelligence in Design Symposium 8-9 May 2009 The symposium will investigate the emerging concept of “Distributed Intelligence in Design”. Leading experts, intellectuals, academics and practitioners in the field of architectural design and production will debate the direction of technologies and practices that are deemed as influential in setting the agenda for future research, practice and education. The symposium is organized in collaboration with the Sub-working Group, Free Form Design (FFD), of the International Association of Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS), MInD Research group of the University of Salford, the Research Institute for the Built and Human Environment (BUHU) – University of Salford, RIBA North West and the Centre for Construction Innovation. Distributed Intelligence refers to a multitude of interdisciplinary knowledge constituted by different individuals with different backgrounds and experience, the media and technologies that support their individual thought and inter-individual communication and the social network that links them together. The focus will be on: * how a multitude of Parametric and Generative design media is coupled with and managed alongside Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools and systems, in current architectural/engineering practices; * how the cross-disciplinary intelligence is distributed and dynamically coordinated across different design/modelling software, actors, organisations; * what are the characteristics of the evolving creative and collaborative practices (e.g. emerging skills, organisational and cognitive structures); * how can architectural education adapt to this digitally-networked practice and highly distributed intelligence in design The registration fee is £275 or £220 for students.