Culture and Behavioural change supporting the achievement of strategic objectives

Organiser: Liverpool Best Practice Club
Location: DWF LLP, 5 St Paul's Square, Old Hall Street, Liverpool, L3 9AE

Key Speakers:

Ann Wright – Managing Director, Elan Partnership

Andy Spooner – Associate Director, Project Five Consulting

Clearly defined Vision and Strategic Objectives are key to the success of any business. It is also important that the Vision and the Strategic objectives are communicated and understood by the whole organisation to enable all employees to contribute effectively to the achievement of these.

With the need for greater efficiency to be achieved through the whole life cycle of the Construction process defined in the Government Construction Strategy (May 2011) and Construction 2025 (July 2013), it has never been more important for the industry and it's stakeholders to utilise our human resource more effectively. During 2014 Elan Partnership and Project Five Consulting have delivered a CITB funded programme on behalf of a Civil Engineering company to define, develop and disseminate a coherent organisational strategy to meet the future demands of the industry and the organisations mid to long term strategic business plan objectives.

Ann Wright (Elan Partnership) and Andy Spooner (Project Five Consulting) will present a case study demonstrating the benefits and impact of the CITB funded programme in key areas of focus of the programme, including;

1, The importance of clearly defining and communicating the Vision and Strategy

2, The need to engage and empower your organisations human resource to deliver strategic objectives

3, The need to enhance organisational culture and behaviour to enable the team to contribute effectively to the achievement of strategic objectives

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