CPD Seminar: lighting effects in architecture

Organiser: CUBE
Location: Manchester
Phone: 0161 237 5525

Artificial lighting is an often under utilised but important aspect of architectural design. The seminar will cover lighting design in a broad sense. It will give architects and designers a clearer understanding on how to achieve their design aspirations through the use of appropriate lighting design.

The presentation will cover the principles of lighting, explaining what light consists of, how light is measured, and how choosing the correct lamp, colour temperature and reflector can transform the space within a building, referring to examples from leisure, residential and working environments.

27 September 2007
12.30pm – 2.00pm
CUBE 113 – 115 Portland Street Manchester M1 6DW

Speaker: Ian Streeter, Deltalight

To reserve a place at this event please telephone 0161 237 5525 or email