Bite-Size Session: Green Roofs – why we need them

Date: - 20:00
Organiser: The Green Register
Location: Sheppard Robson City Tower, Piccadilly Plaza, Manchester M1 4BT

Conventional wisdom assumes that the main function of a roof is to keep the elements out and keep the building dry. However, roofs can serve several other useful functions. In addition to capturing rainwater or providing support for solar panels, roofs with vegetation – green roofs – have a multitude of benefits.

Craig O’ Donnell, Systems Design Manager at Knauf, will explain how green roofs can help to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, alleviate the heat island, remove pollutants and provide biodiversity.

Craig will cover:

  • All types of green roof including how they are installed and the key advantages and disadvantages of each type.
  • The Urbanscape system as a lightweight system and the alternative technologies that can be used to replace traditional substrates within Green Roofs
  • The Performance Evaluation Tools for Green Roofs that are available that allow architects and specifiers to know
  • Water Holding Capacity of the Green Roof per m2.
  • Energy savings of the Green Roof (KWhr per annum)
  • Reduction in roof temperature achieved by the installation of a Green Roof
  • And much more…

The presentation will be informal, with two short videos plus plenty of time for Q&A.

Cost: £19 for Green Register members / £35 for non-members

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