Auction House North West: The Residential & Commercial Property Auctioneers

Organiser: Auction House North West
Location: Online
Phone: Residential Enquiries: 0800 050 1234 | Commercial Enquiries: 0161 830 7477

This event will now take place online

Who are we?

We are the award-winning Auction House North West, established to respond to the bespoke requirements of property owners, receivers, agents, asset managers, investors and buyers, all of whom are seeking convenient and transparent options to expeditiously dispose of and efficiently purchase residential and commercial property across the North West.

Under the guidance of property Auction experts, we combine Commercial & Residential Properties from Greater Manchester, Merseyside, Lancashire and beyond into one substantial catalogue.

Why attend our auction event?

If you have never been to an Auction before and just want to know what it’s all about or perhaps you’re looking to efficiently dispose of a property quickly, we invite you to join in the buzz of our exciting Auction room and feel the electric atmosphere we generate when buying and selling property by auction.

Additionally come down early to speak with our trade floor auction partners who may be able to assist you further in any residential or commercial property-related matters.

If you have any questions regarding our Auctions then please contact our team directly who are only too happy to help.

Enter your property into this event:

To be entered into our next auction event and receive a free property valuation with no entry fee and no sale, no fee for all sellers, contact the team directly:

Residential Property: 0800 050 1234

Commercial Property: 0161 830 7477

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