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Consultation opens on Urmston Plan

Trafford Council has appointed AEW Architects to lead on the project, supported by Avison Young, Vectos, and CW Studios.

An online consultation on the Urmston Plan is live and running until Sunday 2 June. You can access the consultation at trafford.citizenspace.com/place/urmston-plan.

The plan will map out changes and how the area could be regenerated over the next 15 years. This is a chance for the council and appointed consultants to gather ideas to inform the framework.

Sites the plan will cover include the former Urmston Market, Victoria Parade, the former bank on the corner of Crofts Bank Road, and the former Co-op Funeralcare on Station Road.

Consultation boards are available to view on the online consultation webpage, as well as further information and an online survey.

Cllr Liz Patel, Trafford Council’s executive member for economy and regeneration said: “It is important that local residents and businesses engage as we develop new plans for Urmston Town Centre.

“We want to ensure that a positive vision for Urmston is created that works for the community and businesses.

“Trafford Council is committed to improving all of our town centres including Urmston.

“The new Urmston Plan will set a framework for the town centre to meet the needs of residents and businesses now and in the future, and will form the basis to be able to apply for funding when it becomes available. Please do take this opportunity to have your say.”

Government funding towards developing the plan is being provided via the UK Shared Prosperity Fund.

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One of Urmston town centre’s biggest problems is Station Road/Crofts Bank, which split the town centre in two. There’s actually another shopping arcade off Higher Road, not that you’d know because the road makes it difficult to see and access.

The huge, 4-lane bridge over the railway is difficult and frustrating to cross. Station Road is blocked every evening by vehicles parked up and down, often on the pavement. Flixton Road has 2 hours free onstreet parking – despite a huge multistorey car park being just around the corner. This is among the most generous onstreet parking conditions in Trafford.

That railway bridge needs much larger pavements, protected cycleways, and only two lanes for traffic. I’d also consider a bus gate on Flixton Road. Higher Road should be stopped up so no access is possible at Station Road. And Gloucester Road is a rat run to avoid the traffic lights at Church Road – that should be dealt with.

By Flixton resident

If would be nice to have some clothing or shoe shops like there used to be in Urmston. We don’t need anymore bars, cafes, restaurants, hairdressers or nail bars.

By Gillian Hall

Before you do all this consider the residents on primrose ave who cannot get a parking space now after working 12hrs it’s an actual joke all other center ie Altrincham, Sale, Stretford have permits why not Urmston?? I have raised this numerous times with no luck and having to park away from my house and at 04 .30 in the morning have to walk on my own to my car.

By Karen Nixon

I’ve lived in urmston all my life never have I thought of leaving the area, but Amston has become full of eateries, charity shops, nail shops, hairdressers, it’s about time we did away with all this and got back to more traditional values…

By Mike owen

a – nobody has the right to park right outside their house
b – nobody will open a shoe shop when the Trafford Centre is right there

By flixtoner

In response to Flixton resident… How can a road going through Urmston town centre be a problem? Most towns have roads going through the middle of them and that’s how towns develop around them. If as you suggest that the pavements are widened and cycle lanes introduced, this would reduce the lanes going over the bridge to potentially just 2, the result being that traffic queues would form and create more pollution with traffic flow reduced. Just look at the abomination that’s taking place a couple of miles down the road in Stretford with Kingsway. The idea of a bus gate down Flixton Road is a terrible idea, that would simply force cars down other roads or even stop shoppers coming into the town and we can’t allow Urmston to become a ghost town like Stretford. The closure or blocking off of roads will just frustrate people and they’ll drive to other places to shop it’s as simple as that. People at the end of the day want access to towns and cities, reduce access at your peril.

By Fred Shito

Please stop pavement parking it is totally unnecessary, lazy and selfish. So many times I have seen parents with buggies and wheelchair users having to walk down the middle of the road!!! Do drivers think these people have no right to safety!

By Chrissy

Consumers gave up the right to have comparison goods stores in their town centres the first time they ordered something from Amazon, because it was 99p cheaper. Amazon can’t provide haircuts or manicures, so they’re the only services that can occupy the shops.

By Edge

Responded to the feedback – we love Urmston and don’t want to leave – I’d pedestrianise some of the key thoroughfares to boost accessibility, improve the public realm in Eden Square (including having our local Xmas market & lights there), and more support for the high street as it’s being decimated atm

By Matthew Johnson - TLT

Why do Conservative voters of a certain generation dislike cafes, bars, and hairdressers? The masses now buy their clothing online or walk round aimlessly at the Trafford Centre buying the odd item. Embrace the future. 🙂

By Rob

I have rarely seen such an ill thought out comment than that from Flixton resident .. total nonsense from start to finish

By Urmstonia

They need to fix the road structure before wasting money on stupid stuff like they did in Stretford.
Sort out potholes, road signs, pavements, street lights and parking first.

By Anonymous

To be honest what they need to do is level the lot and start again, oh but that’s not an option. Why complain about cars blocking pavements when overgrown trees do the same? Nothing has happened with the market because they McGoffs get away with building houses before they did the market. Victoria parade is dead land and should be turned into social housing with car parking. No problem with the xroads in the centre. Fix the stuff that needs fixing before wasting time on this drivel. They’ve already had a public consultation and they still press on with the lunacy. Must be short of something to do.

By M41er

Enforce double yellow lines on Station Road to stop evening parking.

By Urmston resident

Just leave it all alone but open up park Rd like it used to be

By Chris bushell

We need shops that address the needs of local people, including people who depend on local shops, not just food shops. We need banks, the library must stay. There should be a community meeting place for the elderly with easy access. Last but not least we do not need it to turn into the mess they have made of Stretford. Use experienced engineers who know what they’re doing not 12 year olds who are obviously clueless if Stretford is anything to go by.

By Teresa Egan

I’ve live in URMSTON nearly 80 years and with a few areas it’s in good shape. The Victoria Parade needs complete renovation plus the closed bank and Funeral Services on Higher Rd. The traffic coming into Urmston has increased significantly since the Grammar School now allows numerous children from out of area to be able to walk so they mostly are driven in and out daily. This admission policy needs to change as it’s causing less of Trafford children going to our local Grammar schools as it applies also to Stretford and Sale I think ?

By Beryllium

Urmston is alot better than slot of towns around Manchester. I’ve worked in them! The ideas put forward by the Flixton resident are ridiculous. The road layouts in Urmston are fine!albeit the road surfaces are poor in various locations. Victoria Parade need pulling down and starting again. It’s not welcoming and in the 47 years I’ve lived here I never feel the need to go there. The old Terrys which has been various restaurants seems to be struggling again. That will close next like the 3 businesses on Crofts Bank Road that have recently announced they are closing. The market needs the Altrincham style market that will bring in visitors. I’m at a loss what needs to be done with the amount of empty premises as nobody can afford to eat out as much as in the past and there is too much competition in Urmston. A decent Christmas set up would be nice for the town every year. It’s a shame Urmston has lost its fresh groceries shops like Silcocks over the years, but that’s what Supermarkets and Trafford centre did to the place.

By Urmstonman

Urmston is expensive. You have to be in a high wage bracket to live there, if you are a newcomer. The shops are adequate and sell everything you need. A tramline from the Trafford Centre through to Stretford would be a good idea, as it would link it to MediaCity,the airport, Altrincham ,Central Manchester and beyond seamlessly.

By Elephant

Trafford is easily the best borough in GM

By Anonymous

It would be nice if they spent money repairing the council owned flats that are in a state of need for repair.
I’ve lived in mine for 11 years with damp and mould, run down kitchen that hasn’t had a look in since I was moved into 1 week after the previous tenant had died, it wasn’t repaired or cleaned properly and now I have construction problems within the flat I live in.
Made several pleas for it to be fixed to no availe.
I am living in a run down flat but they would prefer to spend money on mundane projects whilst leaving their tenants in the past

By David monks

Got to hand it to the Mayor.
He knows how to wangle government funding

By Eric

The areas targeted for regeneration are very good. But remember that free parking will also be important .

By Julie Armitage

Urmston had money spent on regeneration about 8 years ago, and stretford got nothing then, how’s that little area going to improve it, where more money could be spent on stretford as its been ignored for over 50 years yes there’s regeneration for the old trafford area and stadium, but that’s just like the money spent on the cricket ground for the elite to enjoy while watching the cricket

By Paul

No to cycle lanes
No to blocking Roads
No to selling off Manor Rd car park
Yes to Getting Urmston market back
Stop payment parking
Free carparks for 4 hours
Address why buildings aren’t in use
If not let increase rates on empty properties
Clean the streets and roads

By A Grey

Whatever is done, will there be enforcement of traffic offences ie regular red light jumpers,box junction blockers and speeding on Moorside Road and Crofts Bank Road …

By Asbury Clarke

All the council want to do is make it a “15 minute” village, they will block certain roads, create one way systems (just like in Stretford) and make it hard to get around. Just leave Urmston alone!

By Anonymous

The Trafford Centre destroyed Urmston . All the shops disappeared. Now it all charty shoos and cafes. We need independent shops…a butcher…a fish mongers a clothes shop …the ” new market” never materialised. It will never be the same again. New bars won’t help…no one can afford the prices. Its gone too far now. Its a rubbish town

By Julie Burgess

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