Capital & Centric unveils Littlewoods graffiti

A mural covering more than 8,000 sq ft of the former Littlewoods building on Edge Lane, Liverpool, has been completed, celebrating the city’s creative and digital industries.

Liverpool City Council, the Homes & Communities Agency, and developer Capital & Centric are currently working in partnership to deliver the £30m Littlewoods Studios project, which will see the conversion of the existing buildings and the construction of sound stages for occupiers from the film and TV sector, creating a campus of up to 300,000 sq ft on completion.

A £4m conversion of the 20,000 sq ft Bunker Building has already taken place at the site.

Littlewoods graffiti 2The mural was painted by street artist Replete and Liverpool-based Beta, and was commissioned by Get It Right, a campaign to increase awareness of the value of the UK’s creative industries. Littlewoods is the fourth piece in the nationwide project, which has produced street art on walls totalling a combined 15,500 sq ft.

The graffiti pays homage to the film and television industry, with references to the special effects capabilities of the city. Liverpool’s heritage in gaming is also included, with a nod to the cult game Wipeout, created by Liverpool-based studios Psygnosis.

Tim Heatley, co-founder of Capital & Centric, said: “So much of what we do as a business revolves around UK creativity. This artwork encourages young people consider the importance of supporting the films, music, games, books and sports that we all love.

“The subject of illegal downloading creates a polarised view amongst young people, but this artwork asks them to make a choice; do they support the UK’s creative industries or not? Purchasing from legitimate sources helps new artists and ideas that we all benefit from, that’s the point we want to make.”

Littlewoods Building Liverpool

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Shame that they couldn’t just do a nice painting

By Vincent

Because a nice painting is boring…..

By CitySpotter

They are nice – they look bloody great!

By creep

Shame they couldn’t paint it with humility instead of ego. It is an elegant building in white, disfigured by a ‘creatively’ backward art form – corporate graffiti! If it is celebrating film, why use a static medium to represent a dynamic one? These images and ideas could have been projected onto the building to present something ephemeral, something you cant always hold on to – and yes, you can project in daylight.

By Graham

Great, now when is the start date for the conversion?

By Man on bicycle

Not convinced.

By Little Woods.

Garbage. An insult to the building.

By timelord

Liverpool is the city to watch ….fantastic

By Karen


By Clive

Thank you Clive, I just won £10 estimating when the first Troll would appear, cheers haha

By Man on bicycle

Looks absolutely bloody awful.

By Daniel Hulse

@Man on bicycle – do you fancy a pint?

By Elephant

Re Trolls: I don’t think those actually exist on here. Easy to dismiss those who passionately disagree with you as trolls.

By creep

That’s another £10, keep it up, yippee
I am referring to trolls who reacted to a positive post about Liverpool from Karen, that’s what I am on about.
Nelly, why?

By Man on bicycle

Karen’s post had nothing to do with the article and itslef could be considered trolling.

By Troll

You’re assuming Karen’s post was sarcastic. I didn’t think it was!

By creep

@troll, great another £10, this is getting good! Karen can speak for herself, but I believe she was happy that the whole project is starting to come together of a fantastic studios opening in Liverpool!
I would rather tend to believe her motives than one of a self confessed Troll!
If this was somewhere else, I can only imagine at the posts on here. This is a good thing for Liverpool and having family involved in the industry know exactly what the possibilities are.
But once again you guys can’t help yourselves..must be a slow day in the cave?

By Man on bicycle

Quite snazzy, but urban artwork like this is often a signal indicator of a city with considerable socio-economic challenges (Murty, 2001).

By Keezer

@Keezer, that presumably would include nearly every city or urban area in the world, another £10 methinks, this is great quids in already.

By Man on bicycle

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