Anwyl set to start on more than 500 homes

Anwyl Homes has received planning consent and is starting construction on three residential developments which will total 517 homes in Cheshire and North Wales.

The first site is on Meriton Road in Handforth, Cheshire East, which will provide a range of 217 homes between one and five bedrooms. The development is to be called The Fairways, and work is set to begin in September after gaining approval with its reserved matters application in August. The scheme is set to take four years.

The Alexandra Gardens development on Sydney Road in Crewe is to provide 249 three- and four-bedroom homes on its 23-acre site. Remediation has begun and Anwyl is to start construction in the upcoming weeks. The site was granted planning permission in July, and works are set to start later this month with the scheme set to complete in five years time.

The final site is on the border of Rhuddlan in North East Denbigshire in North Wales and is to be known as Parc Tirionfa. Work has started on the 51 three- and four-bedroom homes and will be marketed from Anwyl’s previous development Parc Aberkinsey. The development received planning permission in March and is set to be completed in 18 months.

Phil Dolan, managing director of Anwyl Homes Cheshire and North Wales, said: “While remaining firmly committed to North Wales, it is our aspiration to expand further across Cheshire and eventually move into south Manchester. This is our first development in the leafy Cheshire village of Handforth and we are confident that the style, quality and specification of Anwyl’s thoughtfully designed new build homes will be very well received by purchasers in the area.”

Anwyl currently has 18 projects under construction and several schemes in the pipeline.

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And don’t forget the problems with traffic in the are good luck getting school places and doctor/dentists it’s a flaming joke and all because money talks

By Denise Kennedy

Handforth is gridlocked permanently as it is, this will just add to the existing problems

By David Pomfret

How about asking the residents of leafy Handforth .
3 weeks to get a doctors appointment , no buses or trains on a Sunday and only one bus every hour in the week . Local children cant get in the local schools.
So are you telling all your potential buyers this?

By Janet Rycroft

You should be ashamed!
We need more greenbelt not less you are ruining it

By Ken Wedderburn

Last week the only reason all the houses close to those fields didn’t flood is because the open land soaked it up. I hope your potential buyers come and ask the local residents what it’s like round here. Last week we might as well have been an island. Just a joke how little land is left now.

By Lorna

We do NOT need more green belt. We need more GOOD QUALITY green spaces not scruffy fields which no one can really use plonked in the middle of an urban area thanks to an archaic policy.

Unfortunately the current house-builder-led system of speculative housing with dire infrastructure is utterly incapable of delivering what people need or want, or in taking a long term view. Local authorities have too little power in this respect so the solution must be a much more practice role for councils in acquiring land and developing infrastructure. Cut the parasitic land promoters out of the equation, cut the land buying role for private developers and allow the public sector to capture more of the value uplift to finance infrastructure and so create places for people and family rather than allowing most of the value to leak out into the pockets of house builders and land owners.

By Green Belt Watch

Wonder if Phil Dolan will be living in one of these new homes in Handforth ? Course he won’t, he will be living in some pile in the countryside away from the chaos his houses will cause in the village

By Terry Bowen

This site has been flooded in the last week. Good luck if you eventually own one of these homes. Sadly money overrides every other consideration in Handforth as you will soon find out if you come to live here.

By Lisa Tinsley-Cross

Flooding, flooding, flooding. I hope all the houses come with flood warnings. We in Handforth willbe like Poynton. Building on flood planes will only make thing worse. As for doctors 3 week waiting time in Handforth. I have to travel for a dentist because all in Handforth are full.

By Ann lomax

So this area where you are building recently flooded and that was as fields, what happens once those fields are replaced by tarmac? The local river also burst its banks!

By Jane

More houses = more cars! The roads are full now. Current residents having to suffer for greedy developers.

By John Walker

Handforth is over crowded as it is. It can’t take anymore new housing estates 🙁

By Vik

It’s a joke there ruining our village instead of more private houses been built they need to do something with the nursing home that’s an eye sore

By Jackie Fleming

Why are you accessing this development via a residential road in Handforth? Access should be in ‘leafy’ Styal? But in the first instance – why do you think Handforth needs or can sustain another massive housing development?
There were over 500 initial resident objections to this development plus from local MP – which were ignored. Meriton Road / Sagars Road can’t sustain construction traffic plus resultant approx.300 additional cars. Everyone has pointed out the infrastructure issues with Handforth plus the recent flooding problems with that site. When do you ever look past land simply =houses=profit versus damage to local community, practical issues and sheer reality of no. of new houses in this area or which very few are affordable for locals to buy.

By Jenny Pepper

I am all for new houses if it means the 20 & 30 year olds of Handforth who still live at home with their parents get the opportunity to buy in the place they grew up, but once again they won’t because they will be out priced with an unrealistic price tag. Handforth flooded last week there was literally no way in or out, whichever direction you headed in was closed. Adding a huge development on the flood planes is an extremely bad decision, stupid in fact. Will you be advising potential buyers about local flooding? Will you be funding a new primary school or new Dr’s at all? Every school in the area was over subscribed this year how would you be selling that to potential buyers? ‘Handforth Grange primary schools is ofsted outstanding but you are unlikely to get a place here because in 2019 they had the highest record of applicants and had to turn over 60 children away’. ‘Handforth is a leafy suburb’ well not anymore because you’ve took all that leafyness away. ‘Handforth is home to numerous first class dentists’ but don’t expect to get in I have to travel 10 miles to Macclesfield to my dentist. But money talks, money talks, hopefully it talks when your buyers are suing you for selling them flooded homes in years to come. Peace

By Sam

This development is strongly opposed by all the locals of Handforth. The village suffers so much overcrowding already. Leave what little green space we have left alone! Young and old alike currently enjoy the semi rural community, pls find some other space to build on where it isn’t affecting so many local residents. I own a property right next to this field, building houses will have such a negative affect for all!! Leave the small space we have as it is!

By Carol Cooke

Great, kids are crying. Nice one!

By ...

The country is overcrowded, why on earth are even more houses needed? We need to be more like Germany

By Mia

If Handforth is such an awful place, why don’t you all move away? Complaining about these things is never going to help you to resist development. Handforth is a high demand area due to its desirability. Surely that is why many of you live there! It is unfair and short sighted to expect that development won’t happen in Handforth with the new roads, rail upgrades and general positive work that has been occuring in the Handforth area.

By Destroy-All-Nimbys

@Mia Germany circa 1940?

By Anonymous

Excellent – another 517 homes that look like each other and every other volume housebuilder development in the UK. No individuality, no consideration for neighbouring architecture and all jam-packed into the site with token gestures of planting, affordable housing and children’s play areas. It appears that Cheshire East planning dept like to make their lives easier by saying ‘Approved’ to practically every volume housebuilder application that comes their way. They can then tick the box that says ‘housing supply met’ and all head home for a nice dinner or a round of golf. There appears to be very little consideration for the impact such schemes have on the surrounding community or infrastructure. There also seems to be very little joined up thinking for how housing developments impact as a whole on an area and its neighbouring towns and villages. Every builder submits Highways assessments and Environment Impact Assessments with a planning application, the most are executed for a scheme in isolation – I would really like to know if they ever look at impact on the county as a whole (other than to check their targets are being met).


The only way you’re selling these new houses in Handforth is if you give away a free boat for the field-lakes and road-rivers.

By Neil Cross

@Destroy-all-Nimbys. It it fairly obvious you don’t live on any of the roads surrounding this new development or understand the impact. One road they are planning on sending HGV’s down has a 7.5 tonne weight limit on it and sinking pavements. The other is barely wide enough for a fire engine, never mind the HGV’s that are going to now be coming down it for many years. We in Handforth are not against house building. We are, however, against stupidity and danger.
If you had any idea about the location (which you clearly don’t as the only ‘rail upgrades’ in Handforth got rid of the drop off and stuck in some flower tubs and a ticket machine!) you would understand that the roads they are planning on construction traffic coming down for years can’t cope, and share space with a park, a green and a primary school route.
THAT is the worry and the concern is a child is going to be seriously injured.
There are better routes into this site but they have been overruled- probably because the builders paid a whacking £800k plus for 15 Hampson Crescent as part of the deal to knock it down and make an easy way through. That’s at least double what it was worth.
Money is talking here, and that is, and has been, the only thing Cheshire East have listened to…

By Handforth Resident

When houses aren’t built, there’s a housing crises. When they are, the developers are greedy. Houses need to be built some where, deal with it!

By Beavis

We are grid locked with traffick all ready and out gardens are flooded so god help us when these houses are built they will flood also ,this estate should have been accessible via styal it’s in styal so how did they het around not having access in styal ,no school places and Doctors over subscribed are these not looked into prior to permission being granted no buses on a Sunday and only one every hour to didsbury during weekdays are you lot on CECoucil crazy they are always saying we have too many cars on the roads ,we where flooded all over handforth last week you could not get out or in and we even had a kayak on our road very close to the new build site because our road was flooded ,so go ahead build these houses and they will have to pay extra house insurance because they will be in a flood area and people who buy them should be made aware of this it’s a bog and always had been

By Rosa

This is our first development in the leafy Cheshire village of Handforth and we are confident that the style, quality and specification of Anwyl’s thoughtfully designed new build homes will be very well received by purchasers in the area.”

Hilarious! Leafy Cheshire – yes. First thing they want to do in their ‘reserved matters’, which by the way hasn’t been approved yet – is fell a tree with a Tree Protection Order on it…and suggest flattening another that is not even on their land but might have the audacity to encroach on it although it is in a current residents back garden !!!
Then they want to demolish leafy Handforth green belt and stick a load of houses on it that they have been told 3 times already aren’t in keeping with the area. There is supposed to be a play area for kids – and they’ve suggested a trim trail! The affordable housing is not pepper potted but clumped… the current residents have objected so many times they are sick of it…. mind you – the last 2 planning applications weren’t even informed to local residents but by word of mouth still managed to rack up over 350 objections. They are ‘thoughtfully’ building their site office 7m from someone’s lounge window but claim there will be no disturbance…

I could go on but we are all so totally sick to death of this it is painful. Unfortunately no one can sell their houses to get away before the madness starts ….

Whoever wants to purchase these new houses, good luck to you. They will be built on an area prone to flooding, where you won’t be able to get out because the roads are too narrow… so you will be stuck, looking at gridlock and your boggy waterlogged gardens and wondering why on Earth you bothered! … and you’ll have paid several hundred thousand pounds for the privilege…

By HaHaHa

Terrible clay based ground and poor for building on.

By James

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