Ancoats earmarked for SimpsonHaugh hotel

A planning application has been submitted to Manchester City Council for a 172-bedroom hotel on the site of a surface car park in Cable Street.

HOW Planning has submitted a full planning application for the nine-storey AC by Marriott hotel in Manchester’s New Cross area on behalf of Axcel Hospitality, a privately owned leisure developer.

The 80,000 sq ft scheme has been designed by SimpsonHaugh & Partners.

The brownfield site at Cable Street and Mason Street in Ancoats, is close to the Northern Quarter and the Co-operative Group’s headquarter buildings. Proposals also include a café bar, fitness centre, meeting rooms and associated servicing areas.

Conor Vallelly, associate at HOW Planning, said: “Our client’s proposals will assist in bringing forward the regeneration of the area which has been identified as a priority by Manchester City Council. A quality brand hotel and high standard of design should act as a catalyst for further investment in the emerging New Cross neighbourhood.”

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Preparing myself for the negative comments…

By Popcorn

No, its okay, the comment from HOW says it will be a high standard of design – the above picture of an ugly box must be a mistake/discarded option! Can’t wait to see the actual design

By Gregg

Too many trees for my liking.

By Homer Simpson

is this a simpson scheme? Quick everyone call it bland, dont question why just do it. In fact everything being built in Manc is bland and should be abandoned

By Ihatemcr

It is bland. The way to stop this happening is for them to not design bland buildings.

By Gregg

You have to look at it in context Gregg.

By Chill

A bland building is a bland building

By Gregg

Department of Social Security in Dewsbury.What a waste of space in city centre this is.

By Elephant

This isn’t the city centre. This is a positive considering the location.

By Cane

Actually, I think that’s the render for the new Sun Mutual headquarters in Portsmouth. Must be a mix-up. Can we have the real render, please, PNW?

By Alan Baxter

Could someone please tell me how Cane concluded that a scheme 5 minutes from the CIS building and a stroll from Piccadilly is not the City centre? Perhaps the definition of the centre is where we used to duck loose women in his or her eyes?

By Elephant

Its a bland design

By Gregg

5 minutes outside the city centre is NOT the city centre Elephant.

By Cane

Do you also think that Ardwick Green and the Brunswick Estate are in the city centre? Have you ever been to Manchester?

By Cane

There’s nothing wrong with it.

By Denzell

So you would say Cane that Hyde Park is not in Central London because it is 20 minutes from Eros?

By Elephant

I don’t know where eros is but I do know that London is bigger than Manchester and that Central London has a different meaning to Manchester city centre. Is Ardwick in the city centre? Is Ancoats in the city centre?

By Cane

Ardwick and Beswick are not just off Oldham street.For your information Affleck and Brown’s once stood on Oldham street a cockstride away from this scheme.Plus the main post office was on Newton street and national newspapers were printed on Great Ancoats street.How more Central do you want? Where is the City centre to you? You talk about this district like it is Fallowfield.

By Elephant

I live in the former Affleck and Brown building, I know exactly where it is. This building is not there, it’s in New Cross, which for many years has been mostly industrial. You could Google map it. Where does the city centre end to you? Does it include Ancoats in your own little world? It must end at somewhere. Cheetham Hill at one point in history had department stores, dance halls etc. It was never city centre.

By Cane

A pointless nonsense discussion once again.

This is actually not a bad design, similar to the Motel 1. The MEN article has a better render.

By Big Game Hunter

I think the inspiration for hotels along Great Ancoats Street is being drawn from 1960s GPO architecture. A worthy genre.

By Jonty

The Motel One is awful too!

By Gregg

I would agree that it does have in comment with the Motel One the inclusion fake window recesses on the side to break up the monolithic surface. Hideous.

By Gregg

NOT high enough.

By Schwyz

Cane words fail me at your mentality. You live 5 minutes from this scheme,yet it to you is not the City Centre.Therefore you do not live in the Centre either.The centre of a city is it’s commercial ,cultural and residential core.This area was at one point a massive retail area,extending from Market street.It also contained Smithfield’s market.I despair at the tripe which people spout on here.Go home to Guildford or wherever you are from. You have no idea about Manchester’s vivid history.To say that a place next to Tib street is not Central Manchester,is too ridiculous to comprehend.

By Elephant

You’ve been responsible for the vast majority of tripe posted on this site Elephant, even if I agree with you on this.

Hoever, if you can’t describe or measure something you can’t really define it. In the absence of a definition, what constitutes a city centre is always going to be subjective.

Not that any of this matters. Can we get back to a more professional level of discourse rather than indulging bored keyboard warriors who normally inhabit the MEN commend section?

By Big Game Hunter

Elephant is always looking for an argument.

By Not SSC

I did not start this argument.I simply stated that I believe the City centre stretches to Great Amcoats street.The Hipster from Afflecks turned it into an argument.

By Elephant

Well, if you ask me, there are too many trees for it to be a city centre scheme.

By Homer Simpson

Why are we arguing whether its a crap city centre scheme or crap edge of centre scheme? Can’t we all just agree its a crap scheme and be friends

By Gregg

It’s not a crap scheme. You’re looking at the back of it.

By Big Game Hunter

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